• Zamaera (solo artist)

A storyteller in every right, with lyricism that evokes Ms Hill’s spirit & melodies that transcends the Mama’s Gun era, this Southeast Asian songbird holds the duality factor in portraying her music. Zamaera, who hails from the tropical country of Malaysia was born to be on stage. Whether it is to rap her enthusiastic bars with authorotative flows or to sing in her glazed and compulsive manner, entertaining had been a niche to this young female artist since the tender age of 9 years old.

Beginning her career as a tv host until her teenage years, she made the switch to the music industry and was first seen as a featuring artist alongside Malaysia’s President of hip-hop, Joe flizzow. The song titled ‘Aku Tak Kenalmu” would later bring Zamaera to release her first solo and grime-inspired single “Helly Kelly” back in 2017.

After signing with two labels and releasing a groundbreaking EP album, recorded in Chicago with The Matt Jones Orchestra, the combination of classical and hip-hop music slowly started to define the capabilities of
this female rapper, singer-songwriter as she continues to be versatile with her artwork.

Since being independent in 2021, Zamaera has released her mixtape “Heart Break To Heal” and a international collaborative single “Kill My Vibe” with New Jersey’s finest young rapper Samad Savage as well as hosted for YO! MTV Raps Asia.

Zamaera is set to embark on her upcoming self-curated festival which will be Southeast Asia’s very first all-female lineup music festival in December 2023.