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Pop, R&B


  • Sophia Everest (solo artist)

Profound and powerful, Sophia Everest’s interest in music sparked at the age of 11 when she won 1st place at the City FM singing contest. Born and raised in Yangon, Myanmar; Sophia furthered her post-secondary studies in Singapore and graduated in Biotechnology.

Upon her return, Sophia began her music career and was widely renowned as a contestant in the first televised season of Myanmar Idol. Placed in the Top 4 finalist, the competition further engaged her in multiple projects in film, television, brand ambassador, live events and concerts throughout Myanmar.

Sophia released her first hit in 2016, followed with her first solo album “NVM” on February 2017. The album was listed No.4 “The Best Seller Top 10 Album of 2017”. This compelled her to release her second solo album “Nint Yae” in March of 2018. Sophia is the first female artist to have more than one No.1 song on Major M Local Top 30 Chart. Her collaborative single “Stay Open” with Raymond, Diramore and MØ & Diplo peaked at No.1 that year. In 2019, she released her second collaborative single “Medusa” with Moe Htet (B+) and it also reached No.1 on Major M Local Top 30 Charts.

The pandemic gave Sophia an opportunity to slow down and refocus her energy on renewing her self care, training and enjoying the sweet pleasures of life in Dubai. At the beginning of 2023, she signed with SG Music Co. Ltd and quietly released “Taurus” during Taurus season on Spotify. Sophia is a force to be reckoned with and plans to release her mv for “Taurus” in 2024 and many more songs to follow.