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R&B, Alt-Pop, Indie Rock


  • NIO (solo artist)

Distinctly grounded by a strong sense of rhythm that demands movements from the listener, NIO prefers to push the boundaries of different genres instead of being confined by one, as he constantly takes a stand on both ends of various spectrums – through his music, and much more.

An artist born of Taiwanese and British origins, NIO’s presence took the Mandarin music scene of Hong Kong, London and Taipei like a storm, as he geeks out on the piano arrangements of the Final Fantasy Series that he had adored since he was just a kid on some days, then dominates the dance floor with his slick moves and attractive looks on others.  

Nurtured by years of classical piano training at a young age, NIO studied pop vocal performance at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London, along with film composition, string arrangements and music production, setting him up for stardom with a solid foundation as a musician.

Enlightened by soundtracks on his favorite video games, NIO seamlessly fuses rock, electronic and dance music with the musical elements he grew up alongside, as he pumps out one hit song after the other while challenging the status quo.  

While fans and critics have tried to throw several genres in NIO’s way: Neo-Soul, Indie, Rock, Alt-Pop – none of these genres captures the essence of the fresh take NIO has on music. After all, while “new” is the meaning of his name, it’s also written in his DNA. 

While NIO often speaks eloquently about his take on the philosophy of life, there is also a constant hint of British humor in his eyes, giving us a glimpse of the true colors of the artist he is. NIO treats music as a lifelong adventure; with this philosophy, he creates music constantly changing and adapting for and towards the future as he makes the hits tomorrow needs.





  • Email: kate@bmmptw.com (Kate Yeh)
  • Mobile / Whatsapp: (+886) 916-197-871
  • LINE: sanafan