Wake Up, Iris!





Chamber Pop


  • Bie Paksi – Vocal & Guitar
  • Vania Marisca – Vocal & Viola
  • Irsyad – Additional Bass

Wake Up, Iris!, born from the talents of Vania Marisca and Bie Paksi, are two musicians who share melodies that touch the heart with messages of hope, dreams, and the courage to embrace life fully. Their music finds its inspiration in the beauty of nature, ancient wisdom, the universe, and the essence of life itself, creating a truly unique and humbling listening experience. With a combination of viola, guitar, heartfelt vocals, and ambient elements, their music transcends genres, inviting everyone to connect with their special sound.

Since releasing their debut album “A U R E O L E” in 2018, Wake Up, Iris! has embarked on a journey that has taken them from Indonesia to international stages, including SXSW 2018 in the USA and Zandari Festa 2018 in South Korea.

As they diligently work on their highly anticipated second album, “Mousai,” Wake Up, Iris! has already shared three singles that will shape the album’s themes. Drawing inspiration from the ancient muses of Apollo, these melodies will weave through the album’s ten tracks, offering a touch of humility and inspiration. Alongside their musical endeavors, they are also preparing for an Asia Tour in 2024, promising a journey filled with music and meaningful connections.