Weining Hung

Tainan, Taiwan

Weining is the co-founder of LUCfest, a three-day showcase festival and conference in Tainan, Taiwan. She has always been a force for getting Taiwanese and Asian musicians into the global market. She is the international manager for artists like Phum Viphurit and ADOY.

 All over the years, she develops good knowledge of music market. Nowadays, Weining splits her time between Asia and Europe and passionate about stimulating networking activities and building Asian music industry platform. 



Founded in 2017, LUCfest has been a platform dedicated to showcasing the best musical talents from Taiwan and around the world. The festival’s name represents the lucky bond with the music fans who support musicians silently. Through showcases and conferences, LUCfest is dedicated to providing a complete and diverse combination of Asian music, artist creativity, and aesthetics. Not only does LUCfest lead the audience to deeply explore the rich energy of Taiwan’s independent music scene, but it also establishes a platform for information and resource exchange between Asian and Western music industry, and promotes talented Taiwanese artists to international stages. The audience can also explore the vibrant city of Tainan and immerse themselves in a variety of music-related activities, creating a feast for the senses. Join us at LUCfest and become part of this extraordinary music journey!


  • Artist genres
    • Band music e.g. rock, indie-rock, indie-pop, etc.
    • Heavy music e.g. metal, hardcore, punk, etc.
    • Dance music e.g. EDM, DJ, etc.
    • Alternative and/or experimental, Jazz and/or jazz fusion
    • World, traditional and/or cultural music
    • Western classical music
    • Hip-hop, Rap, R&B, Soul, etc.
  • Artist types
    • Currently famous acts
    • Legacy acts
    • Up-and-coming acts
    • Undiscovered talents


  • I look for bands to perform at my shows (e.g. promoter, festival owner/curator, venue, etc.)