Pat Yongkittikul

Bangkok, Thailand

Pat, a seasoned music industry veteran, have navigated a transformative path from his roots as a rebellious artist to a multi-platinum producer. He’s successfully restarted his career in both Bangkok and NYC, gracing renowned venues such as CBGB’s to Madison Square, and the SXSW. His global collaborations, whether on stage or in recording studios, have firmly established his reputation. Upon his return to Thailand, he co-founded Rockademy in 2012. This is not just a music school; it’s a thriving haven and artist incubator that continually evolves, embracing new generations with a rebellious spirit at its core.



Music School & Artist Incubator

Rockademy Thailand isn’t just a music school; it’s a thriving hub, incubating musical talent, where dreams find wings. Its iconic white building in A Square, Sukhumvit 26, has witnessed artists from established legends to emerging talents, all seeking to elevate their musical journey.

The legacy of Rockademy is etched in the footsteps of those who’ve graced its halls and stages. Their final exams are electrifying performances, not mere assessments, from Big Mountain to Wonderfruit and stages beyond the border of Thailand.

Instructors like Lomosonic, The Yers, Violette Wautier, and Bomb At Track have contributed to Rockademy’s unique legacy, molding raw talent into refined artistry just like their mentors.

Rockademy offers a gateway to excellence, with courses spanning guitar, bass, drums, vocals, music production, and artist development. Renowned luminaries enrich the Rockademy experience, nurturing aspiring artists to craft their unique signature.


  • Artist genres
    • Band music e.g. rock, indie-rock, indie-pop, etc.
    • Heavy music e.g. metal, hardcore, punk, etc.
    • Dance music e.g. EDM, DJ, etc.
    • Alternative and/or experimental
    • Jazz and/or jazz fusion
    • World, traditional and/or cultural music
    • Western classical music
    • Anything that moves me
  • Artist types
    • Legacy acts
    • Up-and-coming acts
    • Undiscovered talents


  • I help bands develop their careers (e.g. A&R, producer, manager, etc.)
  • I wanna learn what young artists’ challenges are these days.