Stacy Gregory

Kuching, Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia
Head of international Affairs

Co-founded Catsound.co and the key person that interacts with international partners to establish a network of market access in the global stage. Passionate in giving music access to the less fortunate, especially with physical and mentally disabled community.



CatSound.co: A sustainable Music Ecosystem and Global Outreach. Advocacy for the music industry ecosystem in East Malaysia and beyond.


  • Artist genres
    • Mainstream pop
    • Band music e.g. rock, indie-rock, indie-pop, etc.
    • Dance music e.g. EDM, DJ, etc.
    • Alternative and/or experimental
    • Heavy music e.g. metal, hardcore, punk, etc.
    • World, traditional and/or cultural music
    • Hip-hop, Rap, R&B, Soul, etc.
    • Any artists from any genre that can create an impact.
  • Artist types
    • Up-and-coming acts
    • Undiscovered talents


  • To connect and network with different professionals from the industry to help build and strengthen our local music ecosystem as well as for future development of Sarawak Export Office.
  • We want to create policies, opportunities and also networks for the community, the industry players and also for the state.
  • We want to influence our policy maker with regards to talent export, creating network to connect our local talent, to gain experience which will be utilise to grow and sustain our local music ecosystem, and, to seek opportunities to be updated with the industry.