Kukuh Rizal

Jakarta, Indonesia
Sun Eater Group

Kukuh Rizal Arfianto is the director and co-founder of Sun Eater, a Jakarta, Indonesia-based hybrid music and entertainment company. A hard worker whose friends joke that he hates sleep, Arfianto is at the forefront of shaping today’s Indonesian music industry and introducing it to the world.

Upon graduating from Bandung Institute of Technology with a bachelor’s degree in craft design, Arfianto’s career began in brand marketing that led him to working for top-tier multinational corporations such as Nike Indonesia and Philip Morris International. His passion for music eventually landed him the director position at homegrown enterprise Double Deer, through which he acted as co-curator for the 2018 edition of Soundrenaline, one of Indonesia’s biggest and longest-running music festivals.

In 2019, Arfianto took a leap of faith to form Sun Eater, an innovative and versatile music company that encompasses a record label, talent management, content production and a creative hub and is currently home to established and up-and-coming artists such as Hindia, .Feast, Agatha Pricilla, Lomba Sihir, Rayhan Noor, Mantra Vutura, Aldrian Risjad, and its latest addition, the virtual group G/A/T/E. By continuously pushing traditional industry boundaries and rewriting what it is to be a record label, Arfianto and Sun Eater are set to be part of the vanguard that changes Indonesian music for years to come.



Sun Eater is a hybrid music-entertainment company including services i.e. Label, Management, Publishing, Music Media, Music Merchandise, aiming to bring Indonesia’s future talents forward.

Founded in 2019, Sun Eater has seen an exponential growth as a business by harnessing the two most powerful mediums of our age: technology and storytelling with a fan-focused approach to grow the audience and develop a deep relevance for its artists. Today they represent Indonesia’s young talents – from Hindia, .Feast, Agatha Pricilla, Lomba Sihir, Mantra Vutura, Aldrian Risjad, to Rayhan Noor. With the latest addition being the virtual music band G/A/T/E. Sun Eater’s independent business pillars currently being called Sun Eater Group (SEG) are divided into SEG Labels for its record labels and music production, SEG+ for producing creative contents, products, live events tp all commercialization across IPs, and later SEG platform to cater community fanbases.


  • Artist genres
    • Mainstream pop
    • Band music e.g. rock, indie-rock, indie-pop, etc.
    • Dance music e.g. EDM, DJ, etc.
    • Alternative and/or experimental
  • Artist types
    • Currently famous acts
    • Up-and-coming acts
    • Undiscovered talents


  • I help bands sell their music (e.g. publishing, licensing, distribution, sync, ticketing, etc.)
  • I help promote bands to new audiences (e.g. journalist, PR agent, media, etc.)
  • I help bands develop their careers (e.g. A&R, producer, manager, etc.)
  • We’re looking for content collaboration between Indonesia and outside Indonesia. it can be song release, distribution, music collaboration, etc.