Juang Manyala

Makassar, Indonesia
Prolog Ecosystem

Juang Manyala, Founder & Ceo of Prolog Ecosystem, a creative and entertainment company that houses Pmancar.com as a media and music platform, Prolog Academy as a creative course, Riuh Records as an independent record label, and ‘Prolog Fest’ as one of the biggest annual music festivals in eastern Indonesia. Everything is in one holding, namely Prolog Ecosystem

As a film composer, he has worked on several films in Indonesia, including ‘Sepatu Baru’ directed by Aditya Ahmad which won the ‘Special Mention Award at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2014, ‘Athirah’ directed by Riri Riza which won the Best Film award at the 2016 Indonesian Film Festival, and ININAWA (An Island Calling) directed by Arfan Sabran which won the Best Documentary Film Title at the 2022 Indonesian Film Festival. others that air on Viu, Vidio.com, and Netflix

As a guitarist and songwriter in 2006, he founded ‘Melismatis’ a pioneer post-rock band in eastern Indonesia that has released 2 albums and has toured around Indonesia independently, then in 2016 founded a group music project called Loka’ with 7 musicians from different genres.
2020 was also the point when Juang Manyala became a soloist, marked by the release of his first single titled ‘WE’ which also collaborated with Cholil Mahmud (Efek Rumah Kaca) and Gardika Gigih, in 2022 the second single was released with Natasha Udu (Lomba Sihir) ‘Drama’ for the Original Soundtrack series ‘Drama Ratu Drama’ directed by Aco Tenri.

Furthermore, until now Juang Manyala is also active as a producer for the Riuh Records rosters DVY and KIKO/O.



Prolog Ecosystem is a space that brings together artists and creative actors to collaborate. established in 2015 in Makassar. As creative company, Prolog Ecosystem moves to encourage the advancement of artistic ideas and creative industries through academies, incubators, workshops, literacy, workshops, to festivals.


  • Artist genres
    • Mainstream pop
    • Band music e.g. rock, indie-rock, indie-pop, etc.
    • Heavy music e.g. metal, hardcore, punk, etc.
    • World, traditional and/or cultural music
    • Hip-hop, Rap, R&B, Soul, etc.
  • Artist types
    • Up-and-coming acts


  • I look for bands to perform at my shows (e.g. promoter, festival owner/curator, venue, etc.)
  • I help promote bands to new audiences (e.g. journalist, PR agent, media, etc.)