Pat Sarabia

Manila, Philippines
Offshore Music

Pat is A&R and Director at Offshore Music, an independent record label that prides itself on releasing physical music and supporting the most exciting and fresh music acts in the metro.

She has built a reputation in the music industry as a sought-after drummer, having collaborated with musicians from different backgrounds and styles. Currently, she is the drummer of soul/funk band Apartel, indie-rock outfit Oh, Flamingo!, and Filipino rock legend Ely Buendia.

Her roots in the underground music scene have shaped her “do-it-yourself” philosophy and hands-on approach. To this day, she continues to contribute to the indie music scene, onstage and off.



Offshore Music is an independent record label founded by a mix of businessmen and musicians in 2016. Its aim is to guide the listeners of Filipino music toward artists with the ability to make the familiar sound fresh. Driven by initiative and imagination, Offshore Music provides an honest space of creativity, and above all, an avenue for quality music.


  • Artist genres
    • Mainstream pop
    • Band music e.g. rock, indie-rock, indie-pop, etc.
    • Alternative and/or experimental
    • Jazz and/or jazz fusion
  • Artist types
    • Currently famous acts
    • Up-and-coming acts


  • I look for bands to perform at my shows (e.g. promoter, festival owner/curator, venue, etc.)
  • I help bands get booked for shows (e.g. booking agent, touring agent/manager, etc.)
  • I help bands sell their music (e.g. publishing, licensing, distribution, sync, ticketing, etc.)
  • I help bands develop their careers (e.g. A&R, producer, manager, etc.)