Jean Seizure



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  • Jean Goh aka. Jean Seizure

Featured on Times Square’s big screen twice under Spotify’s EQUAL and GLOW programs, Jean Goh, also known as Jean Seizure, is a local singer-songwriter who uses her tales of unrequited love, heartbreak to represent and speak for her (LGBTQIA+) community. “Authenticity is something I, growing up in a Christian household, have always craved for… Being honest with myself has given me the opportunity to fully embrace the ups and downs I experience in my life.” Her songs echo her belief of living authentically, empowering her listeners to be true to themselves without compromise. Jean wins hearts by incorporating heart-wrenchingly raw feelings with lush groovy beats, and has amassed over 110k followers and 3.3 million likes on TikTok, and over 3 million streams on her hit-single, Night. As a young singer-songwriter, Jean is quickly cementing herself as a musician in the Southeast Asian music scene. Jean has also won the Hear Me Sing Singing Competition in 2016, opened for Fiji Blue in Singapore, and participated in international competitions – like THE CHVOCALS Golden A Cappella Awards and Festival (Shenzhen, China), and Moscow Spring Acapella Festival (Moscow, Russia) – with her Acapella group, The Apex Project.