Anup Kutty

Delhi/Guwahati, India
ZIRO Festival
Co-founder / Creative Producer

Anup Kutty is a festival organizer and musician from India. He is the co-founder and creative producer of Ziro Festival of Music, one of India’s premier outdoor international music festivals. He’s also the guitarist for critically-acclaimed Indian band – menwhopause. A former journalist, he has been an editor and columnist for publications like Rolling Stone, Maxim and Indian Express.



Ziro Festival, founded in 2012, celebrates passion, sustainability, community, and cultural diversity. The festival promotes indigenous tribes and artists from Northeast India while showcasing Indian and global independent music scene. Set against the picturesque Ziro Valley in Arunachal Pradesh, the festival uses locally-sourced materials like bamboo and employs local community members to host attendees, prioritizing sustainability practices. The festival’s skills training programs have empowered community members to be actively involved in producing the festival and employing local artisans to build the bamboo infrastructure. Through community outreach programs, the festival engages artists, artisans, and local youth groups.


  • Artist types
    • Band music e.g. rock, indie-rock, indie-pop, etc.
    • Alternative and/or experimental
    • World, traditional and/or cultural music
  • Artist types
    • Legacy acts
    • Up-and-coming acts
    • Undiscovered talents


  • I look for bands to perform at my shows (e.g. promoter, festival owner/curator, venue, etc.)
  • I help bands get booked for shows (e.g. booking agent, touring agent/manager, etc.)
  • I look for partners and collaborators to work with internationally.