Mantra Vutura



Sun Eater


Experimental Electronic Neo World Music


  • Tristan – Keys
  • Zakari – Vocal, Drums & Percussion

Mantra Vutura was formed in 2017, consisting of two childhood best friends, Zakari Danubrata (vocals, drums) and Tristan Juliano (keys, synth, vocals). During their growth period, they were accompanied by a very musical family, which makes sense if Mantra Vutura does a high musical exploration.

They introduced themselves through the EP Solar Labyrinth (2017), in which one of the works, “Un Deux Trois”, was nominated for the “Best Dance Production Song” at the AMI Awards. Two years later, Mantra Vutura released a full album titled Human, which also received a nomination for the “Best Duo/Group/Urban Collaboration” through one of its songs, “Moonlight”, featuring Bam Mastro.

On top of an extensive sonic experiment, Mantra Vutura has always consistently told stories about God and humans; what is the relationship between them, their worship, their values, their roles, and their goals. Some examples of works are “Percakapan, Pt. 1 (2020)” with Hindia, “Kehendak Tuhan (2020)” featuring Natasha Udu, and most recently, “Kembali (2023)”.