Madd Mark





Hip-hop, Rap


  • Madd Mark (solo artist)

Madd Mark is a rapper, producer, and songwriter hailing from the heart of Valenzuela. His music is often described for its infectious grooves, clever wordplay, and relatable lyrics, with a raw energy that harks back to the golden age of hip-hop and blends of contemporary sound. His songs are reflective and introspective, touching on themes of self-discovery, personal growth, social justice and triumph over adversity.

Madd Mark launched his debut album “ZIRKULO” last April 1, 2023 featuring the most decorated emcees of the Philippines.

Today, Madd Mark balances his dual passions for music and being a personal trainer, dedicating himself to crafting thoughtful, socially conscious hip hop tracks that inspire listeners to be their best selves.

“Describing the word independent alone means free from outside control. It may have a lot or pros but it also comes with cons. You have to wear many HATS. Specially, from someone like me who produce, write, record, mix, market and promotes my own music. It takes a lot of work and courage just putting out a single so everyone could just hear what I have to offer. That being said, being independent gives you complete creative control over your music allowing total creative freedom; which for me is a double-edged sword cause sometimes you just can get lost creating art. The biggest thing for me is I didn’t know that I have all this capabilities to learn and hone my skills for my music. Dabbling with music has been one of the most, if not exciting part of my life. HIP-HOP forever!”