Ena Mori



Offshore Music Philippines


Art-pop, synth-pop, dream-pop


  • Ena Mori

Singer-Songwriter ena mori is a walking musical paradox. Starting her musical journey at a young age as a classical pianist, ena mori uses her dynamic range of different musical influences and creates her own sophisticated pop sound. Her tunes hop with neon-light vibrance, but also bop with lovelorn soul, owing to her Japanese-Filipino pedigree. But whatever hyphenated tag critics and admirers alike choose to append to her material—art-pop, synth-pop, dream-pop—the ena mori crusade is, essentially, one in vigorous defense of pop music making (full stop): a criminally undermined enterprise she’s working not so much to salvage but ravage (full stop), which is to say, in her own words, “I’ve always wanted to write pop that pushes boundaries.”

Her first album, “DON’T BLAME THE WILD ONE!” which includes singles such as “VIVID”, and “SOS” was rated No.1 for NME Asia’s Best Albums of the Year 2022. Along with a 5-star rating of the album, the review of NME says “It’s a triumphant rallying cry for the dejected, filled with pop hooks that reach for the stars.”