Def Jam SEA


Hip hop, R&B



Artists like ABANGSAPAU are few and far between. Known best for donning a sarung, the Malay-Sikh artist makes it a point to take each person that cares to listen through a journey away from expectation or limitation.

A firm believer in the expression of self, ABANGSAPAU wants his music to serve as a mirror to both himself and his listeners. From upbeat & exhilarating flows to sombre, often sobering musings, there is no one way to categorise his music. But the intention is clear: to bring comfort and solace to all who listen.

Describing his foray into music as a happy accident, ABANGSAPAU first discovered his love for music making at age 19. After putting out his breakout single BUAT APE?, he began his journey as an independent artist – performing at over 20 shows within the span of 6 months in 2019.

Also known for his electrifying presence on stage, ABANGSAPAU has since gone on to perform at renowned stages both locally & regionally, and is now with heavyweight hip-hop imprint Def Jam SEA.

Despite his relatively short journey as an artist, ABANGSAPAU intends to leave a mark with his music and push the envelope of what Singaporean music can become. Named one of the 5 Torchbearers for the Future of Singaporean Hip Hop by LiFTED Asia, ABANGSAPAU released a slew of new music in 2022, including collaborations with Charlie Lim, Fauxe and Mary Sue.

ABANGSAPAU is testament of an artist in a constant state of reinvention and growth, and his story has only just begun.