Fungjai (co-organizer/promoter of Maho Rasop Festival)
Bangkok Thailand

Sarun founded ‘Fungjai’, the fastest growing Thai music community startup where he also acts as a CEO since 2014. Fungjai help connect indie artists with their fans through music streaming services, digital music magazine, conferences and festivals.

Since 2018, Fungjai, along with Seen Scene Space and Have You Heard? induced Maho Rasop, the first independent international festival in Bangkok.

He is currently also the Head of Agency at Ookbee.

Maho Rasop Festival

Maho Rasop is the first independent international festival in Bangkok.

A 2-day music festival with a diverse lineup of both fresh and renowned acts from all over the world including regional and local artists.

At Maho Rasop Festival, we aim to create an engaging community for music lovers to have live music experience unlike any other.


  • Email:
  • Whatsapp: +66830583884

Attending: Physically

Intention(s) of attending:

  • Look for artists and musical talent
  • Connect with other music professionals/delegates

Type of Company / Business:

  • Live Show Business:
    • Concert/Event Promoter
  • Online Platform:
    • Audio/Video Streaming