Tokyo, Japan / Taipei, Taiwan

Based in Taipei and Tokyo, Big Romantic Entertainment owns two live houses in the two cities: Aoyama and Moonromantic Taipei. CEO Budha founded Moon Romantic Office Co., Ltd. in 2013 to promote music and manage other affairs for musicians such as tour management and project proposal for various music festivals and live house performances.

Before 2020, Moon Romantic Office held over 70 Taiwan-Japan performances and organized tours in Japan for more than 50 Taiwanese musicians/ bands. Dedicated to music exchanges across Asia, Budha has expanded his business, in recent years, to Thailand, Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.

In 2016, Budha founded his own music label “Big Romantic Records” and has issued over 80 Asian indie music records, primarily in vinyl and cassette tapes. In 2020, he opened record shops in Shimokita, Tokyo and Chifeng Street, Taipei as well as shop-in-shops in Hokkaido, Okinawa, Tainan, and other cities. The music label is also working with HMV, a Japanese record chain, to establish a section in stores dedicated to Big Romantic Records. Across Taiwan and Japan, the label currently has six stores but also works with other independent record shops to build an exclusive offline network for indie music.


BIG ROMANTIC RECORDS is a record label based in Japan and Taiwan, with both offices in Tokyo and Taipei.

As a leading independent label that creates a new scene for Taiwanese indie music in Japan, BIG ROMANTIC RECORDS has released more than 80 titles in Japan and Taiwan. Launched a web publication and a print magazine ROMANTICISM focusing on emerging Asian bands, cooperated with different media energetically, the company promotes the industry’s diversity.

In 2019, BIG ROMANTIC RECORDS organized 70 concerts in Taiwan, primarily Japanese indie rock bands. With the number of shows that towers over other organizers in the industry, BIG ROMANTIC RECORDS became one of the notable groups that have influenced the indie music movement in Taiwan.


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