Founder & General Manager
Tron Music Agency
Taiwan, Korea, China, etc.

Orbis Fu is the founder & CEO (2005-2018) of The Wall Music, one of the most prominent venues in Taipei (capacity: 600), which also operates as a nightclub called “Korner”. The venue is well known not only for cultivating the local music scene, but also for having hosted many international artists.

He has organized some of the most successful festivals in Taiwan (T-Fest, Megaport, Formoz, etc.) that included several outdoor stages with over one hundred local and international artists (The xx, Suede, etc.).

He also founded an artist management company and record label called “Uloud”, which represents many of the best indie music artists from Taiwan, making it one of the key players in the indie music scene of the country.

Tron Music Agency

Tron Music Agency, founded in 2020, provides borderless services for Artists, Management, Artists, Promoters, etc.

With over 15 years working experience in the music industry, Tron Music Agency designed supportive programs and flexible deals for industries, including A&R, distribution, marketing, tours booking, concert production, etc.

Tron Music Agency sets its headquarter in Taipei, and now has overseas teams based in Taipei, Seoul, Tokyo and Beijing. It is also a joint venture with Rock Records, which is one of the biggest and legendary 40-years-history music label established in Taiwan, with overseas branches in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan and South Korea.


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