Streaming & Radio Manager APAC

Lilian Hautemulle has brought her advertising and streaming expertise to music and media companies around the world for almost a decade. As Monstercat’s Streaming & Radio Manager based in the label’s Singapore office, she combines insights and creativity to effectively position Monstercat artists across APAC streaming platforms such as NetEase (CN), Genie (KR), and Spotify. Prior, Lilian spent five years supporting Spotify’s advertising business expansion into markets such as India, Thailand, and Vietnam. She oversaw the yield strategy and roll out for Spotify’s skippable ads in Australia as well as the launch of Spotify’s self-serve platform Ad Studio across Asia-Pacific.

In 2019, Lilian co-launched Sivilian Affairs, a platform that focuses on showcasing local and regional talent through inclusive dance music events such as their monthly deep house night in Singapore, Friendly Waters. She also sits on the Advisory Board for the Electronic Music Conference in Sydney, and is a content curator and contributor for Wired Music Week in Malaysia.


Monstercat is one of electronic music’s most influential independent record labels. Founded in Canada in 2011, Monstercat has since expanded its global footprint with three offices across Vancouver, Los Angeles, and Singapore. Leading the movement towards artist sustainability, its mission has remained the same: to empower a creative and passionate community of artists and fans through innovation.


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