Co-founder and Director
Sun Eater
Jakarta, Indonesia

Kukuh Rizal Arfianto is based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Before he finally decided to take a leap of faith in the music industry, he started out with a career that ranges from retail, advertising, to film.

Now, he is the director and co-founder of a music company called Sun Eater. A label that houses emerging names from Indonesia such as .Feast, Hindia, Lomba Sihir, Agatha Pricilla, Aldrian Risjad, Rayhan Noor, and Mantra Vutura.

Aside from that, he’s also active in curating music festivals in Indonesia and overseas.

Sun Eater

Sun Eater is a music company, whose business includes record label, talent management and media company. We are an entirely new operating system. We are a single-source, multi-disciplinary strategy and creative studio, paired with a coalition of independent, best-in-class specialists. Together, we synthesize entertainment, branding, community building, and true influence. We create modern entertainment properties and multi-dimensional, unified brand platforms. Sometimes, the two overlap in new and interesting ways. We’re really focused on creating superstars and heroes, and also creating something that people can really believe in and be excited about. A media company that focuses on celebrating Indonesian talents, stories and culture.


Attending: Physically

Intention(s) of attending:

  • Look for artists and musical talent
  • Connect with other music professionals/delegates

Type of Company / Business:

  • Artist Management:
    • Artist Agent
    • Music Label
  • Live Show Business:
    • Concert/Event Promoter
    • Commercial Music Festival
  • Media/PR:
    • Media Channel/Platform