NPCC Curating Co.
Taipei, Taiwan

“John Huang is the Founder of NPCᴺ(NPCC) / Marketing director of Atrip / Co-founder of WWWWWTAPES / Program director of Asia Rolling Music Festival 2021

He focused on music event planning, music marketing, and music product trading for years. Fulfilled with experiences in music cooperation between different industries. Aiming for strengthening regional music cooperation in Asia and overseas.”


NPCC is an extension from NPC. The term “NPC” is not only a familiar term to gamers, but to those who are not in contact with the game in their daily lives. NPC is Non-Player-Character. It is a general term for the non-human characters that the player encounters in the first-person perspective of the game.

NPC, in the team’s orientation, are expected to be a key position. Triggering interesting events toward you and us. We give and receive tasks. Here we are players and partners, sharing common experiences, exchanging intelligence and information, and complete tasks together; here, the team is at the point of orientation. Come to us and see if we can be the key to each other.

But so is not interesting enough for us, NPCC. We have five core values: “collaboration, key, mission, feedback, intelligence” and that is “meet partner-exchange intelligence, find key – collaborate together, solve mission-get feedback.” The definition of NPC is the same as the common one, and what we want to show is more——Neo-Project-Coordinate. Solving tasks together, and it should be fun and interesting tasks!


  • Email:

Attending: Physically

Intention(s) of attending:

  • Look for artists and musical talent
  • Connect with other music professionals/delegates
  • Find interesting collaboration opportunities and interesting perspectives

Type of Company / Business:

  • Artist Management:
    • Artist Agent
    • Booking Agency
    • Touring Agency
    • Other
  • Live Show Business:
    • Concert/Event Promoter
    • Conference & Showcase Festival
  • Media/PR:
    • PR Agency
    • Other
  • Organization/Institution:
    • Music Export Office