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John Beh is best known as a visionary in connecting people of both East and West regions in the evolutionary age of electronic music. With over a decade worth of industry experience, this Malaysian-born innovator has successfully built an establishment of what is predominantly known to everyone as Asia’s Largest Electronic Music Conference – Wired Music Week. 

From his humble beginnings with a devoted passion for music and arts, he has gained recognition for his work, influence, and professionalism when dealing side-by-side with industry moguls while staying grounded in his aim of uniting the music community. Under his leadership has seen effective partnerships and activations with numerous international and regional brands. 

Throughout these years, John manages his artist management & creative studio that focuses on music industry development while he mastered the comprehension of creative directing, event conceptualization, logistics within media entertainment, and artists representation including prominent portfolios of DJ IRWAN, DJ RAYRAY, and JOVYNN to name least. 

He is ahead of the game when he advantageously made a mark nationally as a consultant & artist booking for festivals around Southeast Asia Market and applied his perceptive speculations to raise the bars for region-wide dance club that has gained popularity and ratings of DJ MAG Worldwide Top 100 Clubs. 

A noble idealist he is, John aspires to continue bridging people with the influence and passion for art and music – in genuine hopes of seeing a brighter light shortly for the music industry. 

Wired Music Week

Wired Music Week (WMW) is a platform for significant conversations and connections to happen in the Asian electronic music and related industries. WMW was created in 2018 first as a conference that has spawned a yearly edition in Kuala Lumpur as well as pop-ups in Indonesia, Vietnam, and Brunei. In the past two years, WMW, amidst a global pandemic, ramped up its digital footprint to also host virtual conferences and songwriting boot camps.

WMW aims to carry on its mission of being a pivotal flashpoint point for both industry professionals and fans to create a healthier, more diverse scene as we move into the future.


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