Melt Records
Cebu City, Philippines

Dexter Sy is the co-founder of Melt Records, an independent record label in the Philippines that exists to create a culture of transparency in their local music scene and beyond. A software engineer by day, Dexter seeks to leverage what he knows about technology to find new and more effective ways for a record label to operate in this evolving music industry.

Melt Records

Melt Records is an independent label based in Cebu City, Philippines. Its roster includes artists from all around the Philippines and other parts of the world, but with the majority of the roster based in the Visayas and Mindanao regions, the label hopes to do justice in presenting the vast musical diversity and talents in the southern half of the Philippines to the world. More importantly, Melt Records seeks to build a sorely needed culture of transparency in the country’s thriving indie music scene.


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