Manila, Philippines

As one of the most promising hip-hop artists in the Southeast Asian region, OFFMUTE signee Young Cocoa quickly rose to fame after BTS’ resident rapper RM included his track “Manila” in one of the global superstar’s online playlists. The trailblazing bop, which finds the Filipino artist rapping over lo-fi beats and jazzy soundscapes, eventually went viral, and received endorsements from Korean artists such as Jay of ENHYPEN, Yeri of Red Velvet, Eric of The Boyz, Omega X, Dawon of SF19 and Lia Kim from 1Million Dance Studio.

Currently based in Manila, the 25-year-old rapper and songwriter has established himself as genre-averse artist whose music draws a lot from his personal narratives and observations on life. With groove-oriented production and smooth urban sound, Young Cocoa’s work explores a diverse range of genres and sonic template that often reflects a state of dreaminess and escape, but whose verses embrace the confessional and authentic side of storytelling. 

The eclectic Filipino artist considers Frank Ocean, Kanye West, Anderson Paak., Saba and Tyler The Creator as some of his music influences. He works with some of the most underrated and innovative hip-hop and electronic producers in Asia, from Korean-based beatmaker Lazy Wanderlust to Indonesia’s very own Ghidd. Blending his own artistry with sonic collages set up by his collaborators, Young Cocoa provides a unique music stamp with layers of childlike nostalgia, countryside daydream, and city futurism, and touches on themes derived from his experiences as a third culture kid.

As the first hip-hop artist under pan-regional music label, OFFMUTE, Young Cocoa is determined to push the Southeast Asian sound to the next level, while retaining his personhood in the creative process. He is currently working on new songs off his debut EP to be released soon, which will include his releases “Zesto” and “Nova”. 


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