Jakarta, Indonesia

Pamungkas is a Singer-Songwriter, as well as a music producer from Jakarta, Indonesia. He single handed present his debut Album, “Walk The Talk” in July 2018. He write, sing, produce, mix, master and design the artwork himself. At that time As a 25 years old adult-teen, he shared his thoughts and perspectives about life, love, friendship and self-growth through his lyrics. And then less than a year, he released 2nd album “Flying Solo” in June 2019 and followed by having a successful 5 cities tour in Java and in June 2020 he produce and directed a “The End of Flying Solo Era movie.

Pamungkas quickly rose to mainstream acclaim with hits like ‘Sorry’, ‘One Only’, ‘Kenangan Manis’, and ‘To The Bone’ garnering well over 800 million streams only on Spotify. And more than 1 Billions viewers on Youtube. He released his 3rd album “Solipsism” in June 2020 and followed by making an online concert “The Solipsism” which successfully sold 5000 tickets. Due to pandemic situation, which cannot allowed him to held a concert, he continue to rework his album Solipsism and make a series on Youtube titled “Solipsism The Series”. 

In the end of 2020, Spotify wrapped list announced Pamungkas’ debut album Walk the Talk has topped Indonesia’s most-streamed albums list. The album’s sixth track “One Only” is among the top five of most-streamed songs and most-streamed local songs lists.
Early 2021, Pamungkas held an online concert with an orchestra and sold more than 5000 tickets. Following in mid 2021, Pamungkas made an offline tour in 10 cities called ‘Ngamen’ and sold out all the tickets. In the end of 2021, Spotify wrapped list announced Pamungkas back-to-back has topped Indonesia’s most-streamed again. “To The Bone” is among the top five of most-streamed songs and most-streamed local songs lists. Now in 2022, Pamungkas announced his 4th studio album called “Birdy” will be released in May 2022. 


  • Pop Alternative



  • Soloist Artist , perform with Band


  • AMI Awards Winner – Pop Alternative Male Solo Artist
  • 2 years in a row no.1 most Spotify Stream Artist in Indonesia

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  • Email: thenoorkamil@gmail.com
  • Tel & Whatsapp: +62811151163