Tangerang Selatan, Indonesia

LONE is an Indonesian band formed in Tangerang Selatan in 2019. The group of 3 line-up Hary Londt, Rifqi Alfatih, and Rahadian Dimas are known as the founders of the band itself.

LONE members gain their recognition after their first single called Felicia that released in
26th of July 2019, and followed by Coco & Miura as their second and third single.

With the success of their 3 singles, they released their first album called Eve that consist of 9 songs in 27th of March 2020 which get a good recognition in Indonesian music industry. The album itself already got more than 500K streams within 6 months after released. And by the 2021 LONE 1M streams on spotify in total.

LONE has won the Submit Your Music by We The Fest in #WTF2020 and did a live collaboration with Yura Yunita as the judge of the competition. Following the performance in We The Fest 2020, LONE also perform at DCODE alongside with Tulus, and Dere.

Their latest single was released on 24 September 2021, called Las Vegas.


  • Modern City Pop


  • Independent


  • Hary Lond – Vocal
  • Rifqi Alfatih – Guitarist
  • Rahadian Dimas – Keyboard


  • We The Fest SubmitYourMusic 2020 Winner

Link to EPK




  • Email: lonemusic.mgmt@gmail.com
  • Tel & Whatsapp: 6281380686942 (Rifqi Alfatih)