Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia

Littlefingers is an electronic jazz band from Jakarta, Indonesia. Formed towards the end of 2019, Littlefingers consisted of Chika Olivia (keyboard), Tjdika (bass), and David Halim (drum). Littlefingers started their musical journey by releasing their first single in early 2020 titled “Can Good Things Last Forever?” with Natania Karin. Their first single caught a lot of attention even to this day, it had been streamed for more than 500,000 streams over all digital stores.

Outside of Littlefingers, every personnel of Littlefingers is a working musician, accompanying some of Indonesia’s talented musicians; Chika played with The Overtunes; Tjdika with Ify Alyssa and David Halim with Ardhito Pramono. 

Besides that, they also worked as producers for other musicians and commercial works. For the last two years, Littlefingers had released six singles, in which they all caught the attention of listeners and music medias. Littlefingers won the first prize of Irama Kotak Suara com- petition by Pop Hari Ini, was on the cover of Jazz Anak Negeri Spotify playlist twice, and had their songs featured in numerous editorial playlists in digital stores. 


  • Electronic Jazz


  • Independent


  • Chika Olivia – Keys
  • Tjdika – Bass
  • David Halim – Drums


  • Number 1 on Irama Kotak Suara Chart by Pop Hari Ini

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  • Email: littlefingersmusic.id@gmail.com
  • Tel & Whatsapp: +6285697263736