Chennai/Tamil Nadu, India

Jatayu is a Jazz Rock quartet from the port city of Chennai, India. Using sound and music to tell stories, the band weaves together traditional Carnatic music with Jazz, Funk, Rock, and a whole host of perpetually changing styles and influences to push the boundaries of ‘fusion’. 

What started as a bedroom project, has grown into a collaborative musical experiment of style and culture – balancing traditional art and modern progressiveness. 

Jatayu is a reflection of modern India – rooted in a centuries old art form, yet current and collaborative in approach.


  • Indian Jazz Rock


  • Independent 


  • Shylu Ravindran – Carnatic Guitar & Ganjira
  • Sahib Singh – Electric Guitar
  • Kashyap Jaishankar – Bass
  • Manu Krishnan – Drums & Vocals


  • Performed at the Malaysian Independent Fusion Festival in 2017.
  • Top 10 EP’s in 2019 by Rolling Stone India.
  • Artist to watch out for in 2019 by Red Bull India.
  • Best Debut Artist by The Independent Music Diaries in 2019. 
  • Multiple Pan India Tours in Top venues all over the country. 

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  • Tel: +91 9884810111