Bangkok, Thailand

“FIZZIE”, an 18-year-old artist who carries a confidence, a freedom of expression, and unstoppable self-development in his pocket. He introduces himself with a rhythmic love song called “แป๊บนึง (Gimme a sec)”.

Back then when he was a kid, He liked to experiment with things, used to want to be a magician, a remote-control car racer, and a B-Boy dancer. But then there was a turning point in third grade just because… “I wanted to write a song to flirt with a girl. And the Hip-Hop trend was popular, so I tried writing it. It was really fun, so I kept doing it, taking it more seriously.”

FIZZIE previously started out in the music industry as an independent artist. Therefore, he does all the process of making music, including a music producing, lyric writing, directing music videos, setting up cameras, editing, etc. It’s not too much to say that FIZZIE does almost audios and visual works himself.

Moreover, he released a song called “One Day” that has already reached over 3 million views.


  • Pop / Rap / Punk



  • FIZZIE (Vocal / Rap)

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