Founder & CEO
Fungjai Co., Ltd. (Co-organizer of Mahorasop Festival)
Bangkok, Thailand

Sarun is the founder and CEO of ‘Fungjai’ – Thailand’s fastest growing music community and media company that connects indie artists and fans through online platforms and offline activities such as music streaming, social media, webzine, concerts, conferences and festivals – including ‘Maho Rasop’, the country’s first international independent music festival co-organized with prominent local promoters ‘Seen Scene Space’ and ‘Have You Heard?’.

Apart from his CEO role in Fungjai, he is also the Head of Agency at Ookbee – Thailand’s biggest conglomeration of UGC (User Generated Content) platforms. He has a background in the visual design field and have worked across various creative fields around the globe, including Bangkok, Copenhagen and Silicon Valley.

Maho Rasop Festival

Maho Rasop Festival is the first ever international independent music festival in Bangkok, Thailand created by 3 leading concert promoters — HAVE YOU HEARD?, Seen Scene Space and Fungjai — giving well curated selection of international and local artists, arts, food, and cultural activities for everyone! (We’re family-friendly, too!)

Maho Rasop (มหรสพ) is a traditional Thai word for a ‘festive celebration’, which perfectly describes the vibe of the festival and brings out Bangkok’s character as the city is full of happiness, excitement and historical backgrounds.