The Venopian Solitude
Selangor, Malaysia

The Venopian Solitude (TVS) is not something you would want to enjoy listening to on your Spotify; it is something that you need to experience with your own eyes by immersing yourself in their performance.

The eclectic melting pot of folk, rock, hip-hop, and percussive, traditional music meddling with electronics, heavy bass synths befriending a wooden frog; there is not one box you can comfortably put them into without having their tentacles reaching into every box.

The band is spearheaded by seven members of various music background and one prolific sound engineer who are well versed in moving each gear along with each other, smoothly, to make the machine work. And the work, is to leave you in awe in the aftermath.

Run-of-the-mill band? Keep your eyes peeled, keep your ears open, for they are here to prove you wrong.