Where Are The Fruits

Peng Sing is a musician and the founder of Where Are The Fruits (WATF), an independent label that offers music distribution, publishing, artist management, and artist services. His entry into the music world started off in 2012 as the guitarist of the indie band M1LDL1FE (formerly Take Two). With an unyielding passion to support independent musicians and develop the Singapore music scene, his pursuit of music led him to start a WATF. The label’s associated acts include lewloh, M1LDL1FE, inch, Joie Tan, Marian Carmel, Annette Lee BGourd, Jean Seizure, and more.

Where Are The Fruits (WATF)

Sowing seeds, tilling the soil, and watering the plants, Where Are The Fruits is a Singapore-based label that is founded on a singular purpose: To help our musicians reap the fruits of their labour. Part-question and part-exclamation, WATF provides distribution and marketing services tailored to the needs of singer-songwriters and bands within the Southeast Asia region.