Owner / Worker
loubellespace / ffwd records
Bandung, Indonesia

Music producer, event producer, Toys Designer, lecturer, part time teacher, writer, designer, content creator, mostly doing promotion and marketing, AIRBNB host, plant enthusiast, active in music and creative industry since 1999, distribution manager.


Record label and music venue.


FFWD Records

FFWD or fast forward, means “a rapidly changing situation or series of events”, for that FFWD records try to makes a changes with lot of new alternative of music. Established from year 1999 at Bandung Indonesia, FFWD Records become a pioneer of Indie Label in Indonesia. FFWD Records had bringing scene of Indie Pop to Indonesia. With their first release album, taken from British Band The Cherry Orchad This World Is Such a Groovy Place. Nowadays FFWD Records has released many albums of local Band from Bandung, and has released more than 5 albums of International artist such as The Cherry Orchad, Ivy, Edson, Club 8 and Jens Lekman. From local artist, MOCCA and The S.I.G.I.T is some sample for local artist from Bandung who can Go International. Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia often inviting MOCCA to perform in there. The S.I.G.I.T has completed the Australian tour in june 2007.  Polyester Embassy, Homogenic, RNRM, Hollywood Nobody, and Teenage Deathstar do some part also on their carrier in local and International music.