Co-Founder, Music Director
Magnetic Asia (Organizer of Clockenflap)
Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s ultimately party organizer, Justin Sweeting has elevated Hong Kong’s music scene as co-founder of the city’s biggest annual music and arts festival, Clockenflap. Clockenflap has come far from humble beginnings in 2008 to become the city’s biggest festival.

Beyond Clockenflap, Justin has been a major advocator for Asia’s regional music scene; taking on the responsibility of connecting the dots between Asia and the global musical industry at large. In 2015, he helped establish one of the first pan-regional, cross media platforms’, Asia’s Music Platform for Channel V. Advocating for the continued development of Asia’s live music scene, he was Managing Director of Asia’s Music Voice before taking on the role of Music Director at Magnetic Asia – where he continues to promoting gigs and shows with awe-inspiring dedication.

Clockenflap Music & Arts Festival

Quite frankly, Clockenflap defies definition. Not even the name makes any sense (just try looking it up). It’s absurd.

At its sprightly core, Clockenflap is all about people – at their individual and collective, shared best. It is about music at it’s most inspirational. Art at its most accessible.

It’s about discovery, about community. About laughter, camaraderie and unashamed nonsense. It’s about the independent spirit, celebrating creativity and paying it forward. It’s about shoes off on the grass and time machines.

It is three magic days in November where the collective sum of all these parts unite, creating an utterly mysterious and supremely infectious universe, all set against the city’s luminous skyline.

It is, quite simply, the best weekend’s worth of fun to be had in Hong Kong. It is all this and the ever unexplainable ‘more’, which can only be experienced by being a part of it yourself.

Come with openness and imagination. You shall be rewarded.

What Clockenflap is not:

Clockenflap has never been about any one act or one thing, and we’ve never been solely about the music. The wizadry has always been in the cumulative collection which combines to create the all vital “experience”. We are a unique assembly of all the rallied goodness (music, arts, people, food, HK, family) where over three sublime days we shall gather, connect and contribute to an unrivalled shared experience.

We’re not hippies, though truly, therein rests the alchemy.

Clockenflap is not motivated by profit (and just to reiterate: not hippies). It’s always been about developing an event that Hong Kong can be proud of and building it responsibly, sustainably and with a mission to continuously push things forwards.