Songwriter, Performance artist, and Event Curator/Producer
Locally Trapped Wildlife/ Saigon Psych Fest/ OPNAIRDRGMKT/ Pop Fear/ Merith Fulton
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Gavin Pilisi is a songwriter, performance artist, and event curator/producer immersed in the alternative music scene of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam over the past ten years. A lifelong music nerd and faithful adherent to the DIY ethic, he is an active community organizer (via Locally Trapped Wildlife Music and Saigon Psych Fest) with over 50 underground events in SE Asia under his belt and can be found on stage with indie rock bands OPNAIRDRGMKT and Pop Fear, as well as his solo act Merith Fulton.

Locally Trapped Wildlife Music / Saigon Psych Fest

DIY Event Production