Gelombang Maju Jaya
Jakarta, Indonesia

I’m Bobby Irfan from Jakarta, Indonesia, who has been working in the music industry for the last 5-6 years. Starting my career as a radio person, I continue the path to music management and everything in between till today.

Currently, I build a music enterprise with a few partners, called Gelombang Maju Jaya, and manage an event platform named “Bikin Panggung”.

Gelombang Maju Jaya

Found in August 2020, Gelombang Maju Jaya (GMJ) is here to become a partner for musicians to let their work be fully enjoyed. GMJ is a music enterprise that has talent management, music publicist & marketing strategist as our services. Currently, GMJ is developing two rosters, an alternative pop group, named Hursa, and also a soloist, Shena Malsiana. Mitra Media Gelombang Maju Jaya, our media publicist service, is already linked with many musicians & management for helping their works to be heard and spread by the media.