Kampot Tiny Festival @ Okhna Park
Kampot, Cambodia

Adopted by a Thai family, Anna grew up on the border of Cambodia and Thailand, starting her first music club when she was only 16 years old. She spent the next 20 years launching more entertainment venues in Phnom Penh, until closing them to pursue a new chapter as a Cambodian Secretary of State.

Now, putting politics aside, and after becoming a bit more spiritual, she wants to use the power of music to raise awareness on social and environmental challenges.

Her partner, Mike, is a serial entrepreneur and former Creative Director for brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola, and MTV Exit.

Inspired by Burning Man and Wonderfruit, Anna and Mike are on a mission to bring festival culture to Cambodia – though humbly, in a much smaller way – while also raising awareness of good causes!

Kampot Tiny Festival @ Okhna Park

Kampot, a magical town 2 hours south from Phnom Penh, was recently ranked one of the Top 50 places to go in the world by New York Times.

Anna and Mike’s latest project to be launched in 2022, Okhna Park, is a cozy 3 hectare community, art, and food park located on the rivers and mountains of Kampot, where they plan to host the Kampot Tiny Festival. Joining AMS is part of their exploration to make it happen and become an annual event that the whole country will want to celebrate.