Victoria, Australia

Victorian Music Development Office (VMDO) is focussed on supporting the Victorian contemporary music industry. VMDO equips micro to medium businesses and mid-career to established professionals with the resources and skills that will ensure music businesses continue to grow and prosper.


Victorian Music Businesses

Melbourne – The Music Capital of Australia

A Music Victoria study finds Melbourne hosts 62,000 live concerts annually, making it one of the live music capitals of the world. Victoria is host to more than three times the live performance national average, making it the live music capital of the country.

Green Music Australia

Green Music Australia is here to make it easy, providing tools, case studies, encouragement and hands-on support, partnering with others across the sector to make change happen.

Music in Exile

Music in Exile is a social enterprise aimed at increasing access to resources and building professional networks for artists from a refugee, asylum seeker, migrant or diaspora background working in the Australian music industry.

Native Tongue Music Publishing

Native Tongue is an independent music publisher, with offices in Australia and New Zealand.

The Otherworld Agency

The Otherworld Agency is Australia’s premier video game audio agency. With 40+ composers and sound designers, and over a dozen awards and nominations (BAFTA, Apple Design Award, IMGA).

Songlines Aboriginal Music Corporation

Songlines Music Aboriginal Corporation was formed in 1994 incorporated under the Aboriginal Councils and Associations Act of 1976 by Aboriginal musicians and community leaders.

UNIFIED Music Group

UNIFIED Music Group is a globally renowned multi-service music company. Formed in Melbourne, Australia, UNIFIED provides a range of services including artist management, recorded music, publishing, live events and merchandise to a diverse roster of local and international artists.

Untitled Group

Untitled Group is the collective responsible for a variety of unique festivals, events, venues, tours and good times enjoyed by our artists and patrons from all around the globe.

Victorian Music Development Office

The VMDO provides support directly to the Victorian music industry’s many businesses. We assist Victoria’s small and micro music businesses in reaching their full potential through research, professional development, and more, ensuring a vibrant, thriving music industry for all to enjoy.

Wantok Musik Foundation

The Wantok Musik Foundation aims to generate and foster various cultural exchanges between Australia and our neighbors throughout Oceania by establishing a leading, not-for-profit Music Label representing Indigenous and world music groups of this unique region.