Tokyo, Japan

The concept is the groove, the rhythm, the beat. How low can the bass go? How wild can the drum get? And the mic responds! Space is the place. In their Ju-Jutsu Uniform, the band catches the tail of the funky amd slams it on the floor! A live band to the fullest! Freestyling in the galaxy! Especially unique, bridging the old to the new, the punk to the funk, the rock to hiphop.


  • the punk to the funk, the rock to hiphop




  • Darthreider a.k.a. Rei Wordup (Vo)
  • Koji Ota (Dr)
  • Daisaku Katsuhara (Ba)
  • Dub Master X (PA)


  • 2019:
    • Radical music network Tokyo, Japan
    • kakkoii ongaku ga kikeru hi Tokyo, Japan
    • Zandari Festa, Seoul Korea
  • 2020:
    • Sakurazaka Asylum Okinawa,Japan
    • MIDI FES, China (postponed because of COVID-19)
    • Yatsui Festival 2020 Online Tokyo, Japan
    • Playtime festival Mongolia (postponed because of COVID-19)
    • Wagner Project Oita, Japan
  • 2021:
    • Music Lane Festival Okinawa, Japan
    • Yatsui Festival 2021 Tokyo, Japan
    • M Festival 2021 Niigata, Japan

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