Sweet Sister Session was founded in Wuhan, a piece-person band deeply influenced by psychedelic rock/experimental noise (13th floor, Suicide, Spacemen3), rooted in the quagmire of acid rock in the 1960s, exploring space psychedelic and noise back Among the marginal thresholds granted.

They’ve got the magic for control the noise, the repeating rhythm, the entangled guitar sound, the psychedelic electronic sound effects, and the cold singing voice; They spread the psychedelic factor into the livehouse sound field to the greatest extent, penetrate your eardrums, collide with your soul, and resonate with the maximum frequency.


  • Psychedelic music




  • Fan Dengyan: Vocal/Synth
  • Zhao Yongguang: Guitar
  • Wang Siying: Drummer

Contact Information

  • Email: xudan@modernsky.com
  • Tel: (+86) 13774202533