The dual electronic band Frankfurt helmet is from Wuhan and now lives in Shanghai. Composed of famous drummer Hu Juan romna (former drummer of SMZB/ AV Okubo) and Dafei Who is the PHD of Philosophy in Wuhan University, they try to explore various possibilities of electronic music and digital media art.

Their music combines their own unique style with modular synthesizer in the sense of atmosphere and cold mechanical rhythm.

Based on independent electronic music, it integrates with modern dance, digital art, installation art and other forms, and they take part in lots of famous music performances, new media art performances and exhibitions.

They use new media technology to bring more possibilities to live performances. Based on interactive technology, through DMX protocol, music and lighting could be combined in real-time control.And they use the real-time motion capture of the camera , the movement of the body can trigger the changes of music and vision. Including holographic projection, laser and other high technologies which are used in new media art, they can be skillfully combine them together to complete the expression of music concepts, and bring difffferent kind of live performances.

For them, Live set and DJ set are two different performance modes, which can be converted to more space and scenes at any time.


  • Electronic Music




  • Da Fei
  • Hu Juan

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