D.C. has been active in the various sub-cultural. Since its establishment, D.C. has vigorous creativity and also they have released several full-length albums under the stable band lineup. In the first EP “Division Control” of the same name, D.C. has set the tone of the band. Integrating elements such as post-punk and waveless, their music is full of irreconcilable contradictions and strong nihilism.

It is like falling into the empty deep ocean, and then being pulled back to the gloomy reality by fate. The dream-like discourse presents a sincere and absurd sense of religion in the almost chaotic and frantic restlessness, and the surging stubborn sound atmosphere makes people can’t help but throw themselves into the surrealist world to turn around.

Once on the stage, a rhythm group composed of stubborn bass sounds and fast drumming drags the stubborn guitar ignoring the traditional random sound, and the mad vocals are thrown into it to form a turbulent fantasy sound field.

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