International music industry exchange and trading platform at the forefront of Beijing’s first “International Music Festival + International Music Industry Forum” brand.

  • This is the unique operating mode of “Influence” forum + “Influence” music festival + “Influence” performance; (Because its Chinese name: YING XIANG CHENG SHI ZHI SHENG is homophonic with the word “Influence”);
  • This is the carnival of the most tasteful music fans and opinion leaders;
  • This is one of the most pioneering, cutting-edge, and most representative music festivals in various countries;
  • This is a gathering of people from the international music industry from music companies in Asia and Europe and the United States every year;
  • This is a springboard for Chinese musicians to go abroad and for musicians from all over the world to enter the Chinese market.


Featured Artists

Frankfurt Helmet
Loft Youth (阁楼演奏班)
Sweet Sister Session