Apart from ASEAN artists, this year, we also feature artists and content from partnering events from within and outside of the region to further spread each other’s music – just like how bees and butterflies pollinate flowers in different places!

Live At Heart Örebro

Örebro, Sweden

Live at Heart is one of Scandinavia’s biggest showcase festivals and industry conferences. We are showcasing the stars of tomorrow and bringing creative professionals together to inspire, learn and create. 

Victorian Music Development Office (VMDO)

Victoria, Australia

Victorian Music Development Office (VMDO) is focussed on supporting the Victorian contemporary music industry. VMDO equips micro to medium businesses and mid-career to established professionals with the resources and skills that will ensure music businesses continue to grow and prosper.



*SCAPE Co. Ltd is a non-profit organisation that supports youth, talent and leadership development. The organisation aims to motivate and empower youths to realise their potential, and seeks to be the home of enterprising youths committed to creating their own future. It was set up in 2007 in response to a call for more spaces for youth social, recreational, sporting, and community activities, and to showcase their talents. The *SCAPE building, incorporating community and retail spaces, was launched in 2010.


LUCfest is a showcase festival combined with a music forum that aims to connect with Asia to further the global music industry. 

Sound Of The Xity (SOTX)

International music industry exchange and trading platform . Beijing’s first “International Music Festival + International Music Industry Forum” brand. 

Trans Asia Music Meeting (TAMM)

Okinawa, Japan

Trans Asia Music meeting (TAMM) is an International Music Conference in Okinawa, Japan established in 2016. It is aimed at strengthening the Asian music network and at the same time introduces Okinawan music to the world. TAMM invites international delegates as well as local music professionals who join in discussions for the betterment and upliftment of the Asian music industry.