Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Vanthan Ly, or professionally known as Vanthan, is a multi talented Cambodian singer/songwriter/record producer/instrumentalist. Most famously, he is one of Cambodia’s few musical virtuosos — a unique talent who can play over 28 instruments including all of Cambodia’s classical instruments such as the roneath, the kloy, kum, japey, etc. He got his start with music officially in 2001, spending his time mastering Cambodian cultural instruments. Then in 2009, he went to France to continue his musical career studying production, music theory, and more. As a part of Phare, the world famous Cambodian circus troupe based out of Battambang, he traveled around the world from 2003-2015 performing and touring, further developing his live performance chops. 

Aside from Phare Circus, he was originally part of a band named Behind The Shadow which renamed itself to Bshadow. Then after signing to Baramey Production in 2020, they rebranded as BBand as they continued to release their Khmer-flavored reggae songs and dance music. Vanthan also recently debuted as a solo artist with Baramey Production following his national recognition as the instrumentalist behind the massive hit “Time to Rise” by VannDa feat Master Kong Nay, as well as on VannDa’s follow-up single “Queen Bee”. He has been preparing his solo debut by warming up fans through his unique Khmer instrumental takes on popular Cambodian music on his TikTok account. VanThan is a master of what he does already and has an unlimited potential–there are so few in the world who can do what he does. The future looks bright for this well-traveled and seasoned musician who has only just begun to focus on his personal vision.


  • Raggae


Baramey Production


  • Vanthan – Khmer cultural instruments and modern instruments

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