Sihanouk Village, Cambodia

In Cambodian music history, there is the era before VannDa and the era after VannDa, the Sihanoukville-born hip hop superstar that has changed Cambodian music forever with his signature 808-laden beats, hard-hitting lyrics seamlessly weaving Khmer & English, his deeply honest emotionality, and his uncanny ability to create moments sung loudly from tuk-tuks to supermarkets to nightclubs and pubs. Since signing with Baramey in January of 2019 with a respectable of 30,000 YouTube subscribers, VannDa has rapidly and decisively taken over the Cambodian music industry having grown his YouTube audience to over 2.3 million subscribers in just two years. Most recently, he released the ASEAN viral hit, “Time to Rise” feat Master Kong Nay, which reached 1 million views in 24 hours, 1 million likes (a record for Cambodian music) and over 61 million views since release – becoming the most watched Cambodian music video of all time. The track broke through to international audiences, with data from social media, streaming services and Shazam charts showing VannDa breaking into markets such as Indonesia, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, South Korea, Australia and America for the first time. Day by day, his international audience grows as they watch the rise of this Cambodian phenom who has only just begun.


  • Primary: HipHop/Rap
  • Secondary: R&B


Baramey Production


  • VannDa (solo artist)

Contact Information

  • Email Address:
  • Phone number: +855 17 267 726