Hanoi, Vietnam

Tiny Giant is a Hanoi-based live music duo featuring the deep vocal musings of LinhHafornow and the electronic sounds of tomes. Their music combines live beat production and layers of vocal looping. Through digital manipulation of organic elements, the band blend traditional tonality with contemporary sonic environments.

Tiny Giant crafted their first EP ‘Flying Mouse’ in 2019, blending soaring lead vocals backed by shimmering swells of looped harmonies, underpinned by smooth analog synthesis, and deep downtempo rhythms. The lyrical themes reach into Linh Ha’s Vietnamese cultural heritage, and the duo’s sincere connection with nature and its role in our lives.

Together they continue to experiment and forge new boundaries with their sonic creations, combining costumes and energetic, interactive performance elements to motivate, move, and create unique memories with audiences.


Ambient dance // ethereal electronica




  • LinhHaforNow – vocals / ambience / organics
  • Tomes – synths / rhythms / production