Jakarta, Indonesia

SUNWICH is an Indonesian indie-pop band from Jakarta. The band consists of Aliefia on vocals, Vebri on guitars, and Raflie on bass. The name itself is derived from “sunday with chocolate” which are two things that can make people happy. SUNWICH released their debut single “Énouement” on 2019. On 2020, they released their first EP “Storage”. Their latest release is “i’m not good at this :(” single. SUNWICH songs are a combination of their member’s different music taste. Their vision is to never stop making music and cheer their audiences.


Indie-pop with a happy and groovy vibe.




  1. Aliefia Augustine – vocals
  2. Vebrian Elwan – guitars
  3. Raflie Arbiantara – bass


  • Rocking the Region 2021
  • .ORG and Skena Gres Spotify playlists with over 450k streamers

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