Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

No stranger to the regional music scene, Shelhiel is a genre-bending Malaysian artist who has toured across Southeast Asia, playing festivals and shows including Good Vibes Festival and Urbanscapes, while also opening for acts such as Hyukoh and FKJ. He’s been lauded on publications including i-D, NME, Bandwagon Asia, AVYSS, and won the Malaysia PWH Music Award for best arrangement for one of his productions – Shio’s ‘Extrication’, which was also picked up by Netflix as a theme song for ‘The Ghost Bride.

Another one of his collaborative works – ‘AAA’ with NYK, for which he co-wrote and co-produced has also garnered over 40 million streams on Chinese music platforms to date since its release in March.

His latest debut EP “SUPERSTROBE” is selected as NME’s “The 25 Best Asian Albums of 2020”.


  • Electro Pop


  • Fung Sheihiel (Solo)




  • Extrication: Best Arranger, Malaysia PWH Music Award
  • Superstrobe EP: NME’s “The 25 Best Asian Albums of 2020
  • Extrication: Netflix theme song for ‘The Ghost Bride
  • 1st Runner-up: 8TV’s The Ultimate Song

Contact Information

Email: supershelhiel@gmail.com